Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

On Friday 29th May 2020 the government announced its next set of reforms to the CJRS – or as you may know it the “Furlough Scheme”.

We still await the finer detail of the reforms, which will be published in the Treasury Direction and the Employer’s Guidance in due course, however the main headlines are as follows:

  • The scheme will close for new entrants from 30th June and as such the 10th June 2020 will be the last day that employers can place employees on furlough – any later than 10th June and the employees will not have achieved 3 consecutive weeks on furlough and as such you will be unable to qualify for repayment via the scheme,
  • With effect from 1st July 2020 employees will be able to work part-time and be furloughed part-time (“flexible furlough”). 
  • From 1st August 2020, employers will no longer be able to claim back employee’s national insurance contributions and pension contributions for furloughed staff.
  • From 1st September 2020, the government will reimburse 70% of salary (up to a maximum of £2,190) with employers required to top-up to at least 80% depending upon their agreement with employees.
  • From 1st October 2020, the government will reimburse 60% of salary (up to a maximum of £1,875) with employers again having to top up to at least 80%.
  • The furlough scheme will close on 31st October 2020.

We have no detail in relation to how the likes of “flexible furlough” will be implemented in practice and as always with this scheme we must wait and see. We’ve been promised details by 12th June so all eyes on

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